is sampling made fast and easy

Create the most efficient sampling plan for your brand based on expert research and data

Utilize our vast network of sampling venues and channels

Track your sampling activity with regular update reports

Get in-depth results on the success of your sampling campaigns

We have the biggest sampling database in the Philippines!

Collated public and private data from PSA



Data and insights from over 15-years of AAI Sampling

Data Model and algorithm developed by UP statistics and data analysts

We will create a Sampling Opportunity utilizing our long-time partnership with various venues and channels

Retail Stores



Malls & Cinemas

House to House



& Wet Markets



(at least 500 attendees)

Run sampling campaigns faster then ever before while targetting the right consumer for your brand.

On-ground Engagement & Marketing Hits Calculator

MyFreebie is powered by Activations Advertising Inc. and with the help of its ON-GROUND ENGAGEMENT & MARKETING HITS CALCULATOR we may be able to compute for and recommend the optimal sampling plan best for your brand based on project goals, target consumer, venue data, logistics info and budget optimization studied and developed by statistician and research experts from the University of the Philippines.

The tool cross-references AAI’s comprehensive venue database with historical sampling data and other parameters to make the most accurate projection of engagement hits and campaign outcomes.

Know more about the AAI On-ground Engagement & Marketing Hits Calculator HERE.

Track results and effectiveness of the campaign

Sampling  Survey

With the Sampling Survey, we are able to collect reliable and in-depth sampling data using a post-inquiry process on consumer’s brand behavior and association after an engagement. This data allows us to gain a deeper understanding of how consumers react towards the brand experience following the interaction.


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